The management of Banjul Breweries on Monday gathered to protest against the tax increment levied on them by government.

The company recently terminated the services of most of their staff as a result of the 75% tax increment by the government. According to records the, the brewery’s tax contributions averaged 120 million dalasis in 2017.

Peter Mendy, the accountant at Banjul breweries explained that the government‘s decision to increase one fraction of the tax doesn’t make sense. Adding that “the company is now battling with 9% and out of the 9%, we have to pay holding tax and the French benefit tax. With all these, the company will not gain anything but rather pay all benefits to the government. The government use to have 10% share from the company, which they sold and now is totally owned by foreign investors,” he added.

Alagie Ceesay, the Brewery’s union president explained that the tax increment has affected them because the company has already lain off 18 staff.

We want the government to help us lower down the tax because without  that, we will lose our jobs, which is not  good for us, our families  and for the national development.”

Image source: Samba Jobe

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