Corona Virus in Senegal : 2 Cases confirmed

The corona virus has reached the Senegalese territory

The corona virus has reached the Senegalese territory. After all the worries and discussions about the well known Chinese virus that is actually infecting and killings thousands of people around the globe, Senegal has declared it’s first cases when a French native crossed the borders today coming back from France.

The individual is actually being kept in quarantine at the hospital while his own family living in Dakar are also kept in quarantine in their own house in the area called Almadies. Actually all the people that shared the plane of the infected person are being tracked for test and confirmation about their potentially exposure to the disease.

Meanwhile information is given that in the area of Guediawaye, another case is detected and the authorities are still looking for mesures to avoid massive contamination.

The Senegal will be the third African country being touched by the corona virus after Algeria and Nigeria which is alarming other countries like The Gambia to be careful regarding the people crossing the borders.

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