Development of Digital Payments in Gambia

Startup Grind Banjul

The Startup Grind Banjul chapter hosted a very interesting and important event about the development of Digital Payments in the Gambian financial ecosystem.

The experts and guest speakers were Mrs. Sira Ndow (Qmoney Financial Services), Mr Bernard Gomez (GAM SWITCH) and Mr Edwin Mensah (UNCDF) hosted by Mr Modou Njie the Banjul chapter director of Start-up Grind.

The successful event was full of productive exchanges with a great debate on potential solutions and services that will help Gambians to have access to digital payment systems such as “GAM SWITCH” wish represent a local solid platform designed under a public-private partnership to implement local banks cards and much more for online businesses. The startups, the entrepreneurs and the IT associations were all invited to attend to the event and their contribution had been very relevant.

A Fintech Startup “WaveIT Digital” was invited as well to present their payment gateway called the “Jizz Wallet” that is a first in it’s kind in the Gambia. The online payment gateway ( allows e-commerces and users to do online transactions locally and internationally simply with their phones or computers connected to internet.

More information can be found on the official Startup Grind website at Startup Grind Banjul

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