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Baboucarr Njie who is commonly  known  as “Njie Ponkal “, a former Warrant Officer class 2 and former Orderly to the then Vice Chairman of the AFPRC military junta, Sanna Sabally  on Monday the 15th of April 2019 told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation commission  that the former junta member Lt. Edward Singhatey suggested to Captain Sanna Sabally that they should lunch a grenade on the military truck carrying Lt. Basiru Barrow ,Lt Abdoulie  Dot Faal and other security detainees , of the November 11, 1994 alleged  coup plotters.

The witness told the council that Edward went further to make another suggestion which was to move the truck near the armory store in order for them to explode the bodies of the security detainees but Sanna refused and said they will be taken to the state central prison of Mile 2.

Mr. Njie revealed that on November 11, 1994, Sanna Sabally ordered them to load their guns without telling them what happened or where they were going to, he said he loaded his Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun and they drove to Saddibou Hydara’s residence around Fajara where they picked him and drove back to Yundum Barracks. He equally mentioned the names of the soldiers that they went with, Peter Singhatey, Lamarana Barry, Alfusainey Suso, Zakariya Darboe, Private John CB Mendy, Baba Njie, Lamin Marong alias “Chewru” Ensa Mendy and one Jassey whom he said he could not recall his first name.

The witness told the council that upon arrival at the Mile 2 prisons, Sanna Sabally ordered them to move the  security detainees from the maximum security wing 5 to security wing number 1 and ”I personally dragged  Ebriama Chongan” Mr. Njie testified.

He admitted dragging some detainees on the floor for almost 72 hours and alleged that it was Yankuba Touray who put his pistol in Ebriama Chongan’s mouth and threatened to pull the trigger on him at the Mile 2 prison.

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