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Alagie kebbeh a former Gambian Army lance Corporal and 44th  witness of the TRRC, on Tuesday told the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission that he still has a bullet in his thigh ,adding that it was Edward Singhatey who shot him after suspecting him of taking part in the allege November 11,1994 attempted coup.

Kebbeh, who was among the 12 intakes of the Gambia National Army in 1989, said, all of this started when he was on his way back to his residence of Bahamas at Yundum Barracks, when he heard gun shots, because of this he had to evacuated his family to Banjulunding. According to him while he was at Banjulunding two soldiers namely Lamin Fatty and Batch Samba Jallow arrested him and they had to put him in the boot of a car for close to 5 hours.

Mr. Kebbeh told the commission that prior to the coup, Edward Singhatey took his gun from him and threatened to shoot him. “I was sitting at the corner of the guardroom and Sanna Sabally and Edward Singhatey were with me in the room .Edward shot and the bullet passed through my right thigh and I felt down .Edward rushed to finish me but Sanna shouted at him to stop, “he said.

He explained that while they were still at the guardroom Lt. Sanna Sabally observed that he was bleeding profusely and getting weak ,Sanna Sabally then called a medic by the name Lie Sarr, who took him to the  clinic.

The witness said he was later taken to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital where he was undergoing treatment, he went on to say that after he was discharged from the hospital where he spent about four months, he was later detained at the mile 2 prison for  four years with no charges levied on him.

Kebbeh told the commission in his testimony that the soldiers were very “wicked with no mercy”, that even while he was still using crotches they chained his legs and  treated him unjustly.


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