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The Minister of Tourism and Culture who also doubles as the  leader of the National Reconciliation party (NRP) Hamat Bah, has criticized opposition leaders and parties for failing the Gambian people by not measuring up to their expectations.

Addressing a political meeting in Brikama, West Coast region, Mr. Bah said the opposition is failing in its responsibility, noting that there are laws that govern this country (Gambia) and these laws should be respected by all.

“We are not worried about citizens wanting to protest, we are in a democratic era and they have a right to demonstrate; but the Minister of Interior have made it clear. You must follow due process of the law and the law is here for everyone. Nobody will be maltreated as long as you follow the due process of the law,” Bah stated.

Minister Bah said the country needs a credible opposition that would advance democracy and help move the country by putting the government on its toes to deliver for the Gambian people. “Not an opposition that is castigating people, the president and the presidency.” He added.



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