The President of the of the Republic of the Gambia Adama Barrow on Thursday presided over the swearing in of the Vice President Dr Isatou Touray  and 4 other ministers  Fatou Kinteh for Ministry of Children Women and Social Welfare, Amie Fabureh for Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Lamin Samata for ministry of health and Lamin Jobe for Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration and four Permanent Sectaries namely Saikou Kawusu Gassama Permanent Sectary  office of the president, Salimatou Touray first Permanent Sectary ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sulayman Omar Njie second Permanent Sectary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry  and Mod MK Secka Permanent  Secretary Ministry of Finance at a ceremony held at the state house.

All the newly sworn in appointees  have taken the oath of allegiance due execution of their respective functions and secrecy, to perform their duties without fear or favor, affection or ill will according to the constitution and other laws of the Gambia.

The president in his statement informs the appointees that “it goes without doubt that at the core of government leadership is cabinet. Cabinet represents and portrays the nation as a family. As a results, political differences must not corrupt, undermine or divide those of us privilege with cabinet assignments.

It is betrayal of trust to belong to a group yet openly or secretly oppose its ideas, objectives, values, agendas and what it stands for. In other words, one cannot operate in cabinet or within a government system, and seek to undermine it in order to pursue any other interest. Adding that the best citizens in a nation are the genuine patriots who serve selflessly and put the nation and the greater good before any selfish interest.

He conclude by saying “as leaders ,we ought to be considerate and compassionate ,but we must be realistic and firm in ensuring that justice is done in this principle  that has given  rise to cabinet reshuffle resulting in the new appointment that have just been confirmed.


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