Living in a country where unemployment is becoming a problem, there is a need for government, organizations and individuals to come out with ways of solving that issues because development cannot take place when you have thousands of unemployed youths and women in The Gambia.

Gambia is a blessed land, a country that has both human and natural resources and this is what we have to make good use of, if people can leave their country and families for them to make a living here then we as citizens have to also embrace the culture of entrepreneurship to get to where we want to be .We all cannot work in offices neither can we all be involved in skill work but the truth is we all need one and another to realize our dreams as a nation and achieve fulfilling goals that can make our nation great.

Entrepreneurship can be a vital tool in helping a nation boost its economy and Gambia is no exception. We need to gather and create avenues for youths and women to learn and explore in the world of business, Entrepreneurship is an essential component that empowers a person, it helps you to be independent, innovative and experience and it teaches you valuable skills in business. Entrepreneurship does not only provide a perfect arena to experiment business arenas but it helps youths and women to carry out their visions which can be an empowering experience and allows them to take part in national development.


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